EU Blue Card Job Check-up

EU Blue Card Job Check-up platform was founded for connecting the European employers with highly-skilled non-EU citizens. This platform's primary objective is offering non-EU skilled workers employment and residence in the Europe Union countries with EU Blue Card.

How Job Network works?

First of all, your profile is very important. You have to fill in all the information about your job experiences, education, training and personal qualifications. Your profile eligibility percentage increases its visibility to potential Europen Union employers. When your profile reached %100 Eligibility, your profile will be visible to employers and Blue Card JC Team will try to catch all job opportunities which are matched with your qualification.

EU Blue Card

Connecting you with EU empolyers

When you keep your profile updated with 100% Eligibility score, you will be shown on Employers' browse list. When the employer found the right applicant, he/she connects and initiates the interview process for a job contract, or binding job offer.

Blue Card application

When the employer connected with you, after you agreed on conditions of employment, you can apply for Blue Card. The EU Blue Card Job Check-up does not receive any fee when a successful match leads to a job contract or issuance of the blue card. When your Blue Card application is accepted, the card is usually issued within 3 months. P.S.: the process time may vary in issuing country, company background etc.

EU Blue Card

Your profile security and Privacy

In the EU Blue Card Job Check-up platform, your profile's security and your privacy are our main concerns. We store the profiles on secure servers and only HTTPS encrypted internet connections can communicate. Profiles can only be viewed by successfully registered EU Blue Card Job Check-up employers. Search engines are not allowed to index and display any details of the profiles. These companies are not allowed to share any personally identifiable information with any other company or entity. EU Blue Card Job Check-up never stores any financial data related to a person, such as credit card or we do not monitor your online behaviour. We are a platform only focus on connecting highly-skilled non-EU employees with European Employers.

EU Blue Card